December 10, 2019 1 min read

Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Relax, you're one of the 50-million Americans with a sleep disorder, and we're here to help you get a good night's rest. Our sleep aid helps you drift off to dreamland with ease. There's no more tossing and turning just peaceful sleep.

Our chewy sleep aid has a delicious flavor that tantalizes your taste buds while it soothes your mind. Unlike dangerous "Z-drugs" that can result in dependence and addiction, the ingredients in our chewy sleep aid are all-natural. We pride ourselves on our proprietary blend, and here's what you can expect to find in every dose of our effective, natural sleep aid.

Melatonin – The brain releases this natural hormone to regulate the sleep/wake cycle. We include melatonin in our formula to supplement your brain's natural production of the hormone, helping you drift off to sleep faster.

CBD – Cannabidiol doesn't get you "high," it promotes a calming effect on your nervous system, preparing your body and mind for sleep.

GABA – This neurotransmitter helps to soothe the nervous system, relieving symptoms of restlessness, and anxiety.   

Chamomile – A natural plant that has a nervine effect on the body,

Vitamins & minerals – Essential ingredients to help your brain clear neural pathways of toxins while you sleep.

Try our chewy sleep aid, and we're sure you'll find the results impressive. Get a good night's rest.