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3 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important During Quarantine

Benefits Of Sleep     

Getting enough sleep is essential for helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Sleep is a natural process that we all go through no matter what stage of life we are in. Some of us struggle with sleep and during this quarantine time our sleep schedules may be altered negatively. When it comes to health, sleep is one of the factors that can make or break a positive, productive day.

Let’s take a look at 3 essential reasons to consider for sleeping during this quarantine time.

1. Better Productivity and Concentration

     There’s never been a better time to adjust our sleeping habits, knowing social distancing is a must, to improve our overall productivity and concentration. With a healthy sleep routine and adequate amount of hours during sleep, our bodies are full of energy and our mental focus is more alert. By most doctors and medical professionals, the average adult should be getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you are having issues with maintaining the average amount of sleep considered try to focus on what you are doing before you sleep in developing a routine.

2. Lower Weight Gain Risk

     Our bodies need time to recover, that is obvious. But when we aren’t maintaining an appropriate amount of sleep our body initiates survival mode, increasing cortisol levels as well as storing up extra weight in preparation to survive. Simply, our bodies need time to adjust and recover. Even though calorie intake and physical activities are important, the third pillar of sleep is equally as important. Our life cycle during quarantine should be this: stay active, don’t snack out of boredom and sleep. In congruence to our first point, when we have good sleep your energy levels are up and therefore allowing more production throughout the day, hint hint, burning more calories!

3. Preventing Depression

     Do the math, lower energy from lack of sleep makes you less productive, when you are less productive you tend to fill your time up with comforting things. Those comfort things can be food (to maintain energy levels), drinking alcohol and lower energy activities like watching TV. Nothing is a faster way towards depression than having low energy and isolation. Our world is in a hypersensitive state with the corona virus happening but we can do our part to take care of our bodies to stay happier and healthier.

In Conclusion

Sleep is so essential in our everyday lives to maintain a happier life. When our sleep is adequate our bodies are more rested thus giving ourselves the chance to be more productive. Not only does sleep reset our body physically but it can help with our emotional levels as well. If you are struggling with sleep maybe it’s time to consider your sleep routine and what you are doing going into the night. The things you do yesterday will impact the person you are today and we believe it starts with sleep.