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Fun and Random Facts About Sleep

How much do you know about sleep? Going to sleep is one of the most important things our bodies can do but these random facts will have you rolling in bed laughing!

Facts About Sleep And Dreams

You Can Have Sex in Your Sleep

About 8% of people have “sleep sex” where the are not fully concious. It’s not clear why some people are more prone to sexsomnia but it’s more likely to happen when you go to bed feeling frisky but fall asleep before making love or having a wet dream and your body starts to act out on it while your mind is still asleep.

Sleep is as Important as Diet and Exercise

Sleep is important for your overall health. It improves your overall mood as well as allowing your body to recover physically from any athletic activity from the day. Having adequate sleep is linked to suppressing heart disease, depression and diabetes.

You Have Dreams

The average person has about four to six dreams a night but most people can’t recall up to 99% of them. Try having a dream journal next to your bed and when you wake up next time write down what you dreamt about.

Some People Sleep With Their Eyes Open

About 10% of the population sleeps with their eyes open either fully open or partially open! Next time someone is in bed with their eyes open they might actually be sleeping.

Quick Sleep Can Be Alarming

If you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes, chances are you are sleep deprived or suffering from a sleep disorder. It should take you about ten to twenty minutes to sleep.

No Sleep For Parents

Parents lose about 44 days of sleep during the first year they bring their newborn home. That’s a loss of about 2.9 hours of sleep per night! Say goodbye to peaceful nights and hello to a whole new level of exhaustion.

You Are Paralyzed

During REM sleep you experience muscle paralysis to stop you from acting out your dreams.

Some People Sleep in Black and White

Studies show 12% of people dream in black and white. Surprisingly, this number was 75% before color televisions came into the home.

11 Days is the record for the Longest Period Without Sleep

In 1964, Randy Gardner fought exhaustion and suffered extreme sleep deprivation after his feat. We definitely don’t recommend trying this, like a Chinese man who dies in 2012 from staying awake 11 days to watch soccer.

You Can’t Sneeze While Sleeping

Humans are more prone to sneezing while asleep, but since we aren’t moving to stir up dust particles, the reaction does not occur.

You Grow .3 Inches While Sleeping

The growth is temporary as you shrink back down to normal after you’re awake for a few hours. When you sit or stand, your cartilage discs are squeezed by gravity, like sponges.