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How to Sleep Better at Night 2020 Edition

Most of us in the world absolutely love to sleep. It’s a natural and necessary part of life and if we aren’t getting the proper sleep everything is affected negatively. If you are one of these people who are having a hard time sleeping then these tips will be helpful to you for a more successful night of sleep.

Improve Sleep Quality At Night

  1. Schedule Your Sleep and Wake Cycle

We can almost guarantee you if you are going to sleep at inconsistent times you are probably having inconsistent sleep. The body is created to adapt, but if it’s constantly adjusting because of your poor decision making then your body will never settle. Set your phones on sleep mode at the same time every day and remind yourself to get to bed. Develop a routine with brushing your teeth and whatever else you need to accomplish before you sleep but develop a pattern or a habit and be consistent.

Equally at the same level of importance waking up is essential. Set an alarm every day and keep this time the same. We notice that people sleep in depending on the day of the week (most likely the weekend) but this has been proven to mess your sleep cycle up. No wonder you’re cranky going to work on Monday!


  1. Fix Your Bad Eating Habits at Night

This is a tough one for all of us, right? Realistically when do you see yourself eating snacks or a nice bowl of ice cream? Usually, it’s at night. Unfortunately these are habits for nightmares to happen… Not literally, of course but you won’t be getting a healthy dose of sleep. Try avoiding acidic foods and candy that has high sugar that spikes your insulin levels. Your body will start working to digest those foods, increasing blood pressure and heart rate making it uncomfortable to sleep.

Instead, give yourself some water or something that has no alcohol in it or something that fizzles. Short-term, sure, you can get away with these things for a couple of nights but long-term the effects can instantly introduce insomnia into your life. Absolutely zero fun so don’t make this happen in your life, eat healthy and lay your sweet tooth to sleep.


  1. Avoid Stress

This is important before you go to bed and in bed. Leave the stress at the door when you come home from work and if you work at home don’t bring that stuff into your room with your bed. Psychologically you are conditioning your mind to associate sleep with pleasure and to mentally trigger your body to have the bed be an actual decompressing situation.

Keeping worries in your mind and overthinking about stressful things really makes the sleeping experience awful. No one wants to overthink or worry, we know this, but when your life is so jam packed with being busy it’s hard to go to sleep without thinking about something, right? Try having a place where you journal and write down your thoughts, away from your bed. Keep your room as a positive, relaxing experience.

  1. Try Supplements

If you feel like you’ve tried everything in the sleeping dictionary and you simply can’t get to sleep, try something to supplement your efforts. Natural ingredients like CBD and Melatonin are known to relax and help the body enter the sleep cycle (melatonin). If you think that you will get addicted to the experience and don’t want to get too attached, it’s okay, we don’t want that either. Supplements in any form are supposed to support and promote a small “boost” towards your objective. If you are using supplements long-term your body will adjust and adapt to that supplement as a dependency, and that’s not healthy

In Conclusion

If you are having sleeping issues, stop worrying and use a routine as a mental “cool down” to get your body to sleep. Turn off the lights, stop drinking and put the candy away, it’s time for sleep. And if all else fails there’s really cool companies like VitaDreamz that are here to help support your sleeping efforts through our products.